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Sacred Soul Searching Deck - 2nd Deck (2017)

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Image of Sacred Soul Searching Deck - 2nd Deck (2017)

For all those souls who are seeking their inner truth!

The second deck in the 'Sacred' series, these cards will help you to keep mindful, to keep treading the spiritual path one step at a time, one card at a time.

Full of loving quotes and intuitive artwork created by Zoe Howarth, these cards are intended to inspire and to help you as you seek your truth to your sacred soul searching path.

This gorgeous deck consists of ;

35 beautiful cards

Each featuring my intuitive artwork and inspirational quotes to help keep you mindful throughout your day in the quest to live in the light!

Sturdy cardstock 350gsm with a gorgeous smooth satin finish.

Perfect portable size; 3.3" x 2.2"

This dinky deck is the perfect addition to your spiritual tool kit. Its small size is perfectly portable meaning that you can easily carry them with you and have a little intuitive help at any moment.

These cards are so versatile, they work beautifully for traditional card spreads or just as a mantra for the day or a theme to keep in mind. I also love to use my deck along side my other favourite tarot and oracle decks, helping to add extra details and insights to readings!

These cards are designed to help you to trust your own intution. Each with a spiritual theme and afew words of insight, use the card as a prompt and listen to that voice within for more details. Learning to listen to our own inner wisdom is the foundation of our spiritual paths.

This deck has been designed without the need for a guidebook. Each card holds a theme word and afew sentences which elaborate and ask questions to help you tune into this energy.
This is your starting point, now its time to listen. What is the inner nudging telling you? What are your initial unfiltered thoughts?.....Remember the card is a prompt, YOU are the oracle! The wisdom is within you. All you need to do is give yourself the space and permission to start listening to it! . It's that easy!!!

This deck can also be used in conjunction with the original Sacred Wild Soul....either side by side or shuffle them all together to use as one big deck

To learn more about how to use this deck be sure to check out this page; www.sacredwildsoul.com/usingyourdeck.html

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Recycled Packaging!!!! All our packaging (except for the protective plastic mailing bag) and the decks box are all made from recycled card, so this deck is not only good for the soul, its good for the planet too!

So much gratitude to everyone for all your support to bring these beauties to life, I hope you enjoy them!